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Zoom H4essential

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Ideally equipped for the burgeoning musician, indie filmmaker, and content creator, the H4e Portable Recorder from Zoom offers four tracks of pristine, distortion-free audio without the need to set levels. With 32-bit float recording and X/Y mics that can handle 130 dB with ease, the H4e offers a versatile pain-free audio solution.

The dual XLR-1/4" combo inputs feature low-noise and high-quality Zoom mic preamps and sport +48V phantom power for driving professional condenser mics. An onboard mixer is easy to use with the bright 2" color display to adjust individual tracks and directly view waveforms in real time. The H4e can utilize its USB-C port not only for power but also to stream up to two channels of audio to computers and smart devices, acting as a 4-in / 2-out interface. Furthermore, the recorder is tripod mountable, allowing it be conveniently used in a fixed location or atop a camera via an adapter for field recording duties.

Equipped with Accessibility Options

The Essential Series was designed with accessibility for the visually impaired. Navigate the menu with audible descriptions through the built-in speaker or headphones. Creators can choose English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Italian, or Chinese.

Special Features

More Dynamic Range
With 32-bit float recording, you never have to adjust levels. The H4e captures every nuance of your sound ensuring high quality, clip-free audio in every take.
Ultraclean Preamps
The two XLR-1/4" TRS combo inputs feature Zoom's ultraclean preamps that support +48V phantom power and +4 dBu professional line-level input. The onboard X/Y microphones can capture sound up to a thunderous 130 dB SPL, equivalent to a rock concert.
Audio Interface Capability
Send audio via USB-C in 32-bit float while simultaneously recording to an SD card. When connected to a Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device using the USB-C Port, the H4e can be used as a 4-in / 2-out audio interface.
Mix, Monitor, and Record
Use the built-in mixer to easily adjust each track's audio level. It also has a waveform display, so you can see your audio as it records.

For Content Creators

The H4e is perfect for recording music. With two XLR-1/4" TRS inputs and the stereo X/Y microphones, it's easy to record live shows, rehearsals, and songs.
The XLR inputs can be used to capture location sound including on-set dialogue and audio for sound design. The onboard X/Y microphones are perfect for recording ambience.
Podcasters can use the H4e XLR inputs with external mics for one-on-one conversations and the X/Y mics for interviews on the go.

Optional Connections

Pair with Your iOS Device
Use the BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter (sold separately) to pair with your iOS device and remotely record, adjust your mix, view your waveforms, and change settings.
Bluetooth Timecode Sync
With the optional BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter, you can also pair with Bluetooth timecode devices for audio and video sync.

Small Package, Big Features

Soft-Touch Controls
Recording and rotary controls have been meticulously designed to allow for quiet operation.
Built-In Speaker
You can use the built-in speaker to listen to your recordings for quick reference. The speaker supports up to a 250mW output.
In and Out
Use the 3.5mm line output for headphones or to connect to a camera. The H4e also features a 3.5mm mic/line input.
Brilliant Color Display
The vivid full-color 2" LCD screen makes it easy to navigate through the H4e menu and functions.
High-Capacity Storage
The H4e supports microSDXC cards up to 1TB to record hours and hours of audio.
  • Portable, Intuitive Audio Recorder
  • Musicians, Content Creators & Podcasters
  • 32-Bit Float: No Level Adjustment Needed
  • Onboard X/Y Mics Handle up to 130 dB
  • 2 XLR-1/4" TRS Combo Inputs with Preamps
  • Onboard Mixer and Waveform Display
  • Function as a 4x2 USB-C Audio Interface
  • Tripod Mountable
  • Compatible with BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter
Kas yra pakuotėje?
  • Zoom H4e 4-Track 32-Bit Float Portable Audio Recorder
Audio interfeisas Yes
Maksimali raiška 96 kHz / 32-Bit Float
Integruotas Mikrofonas Built-In Cardioid Condenser Stereo Pair, X/Y Configuration
Integruotas garsiakalbis Yes, 1 W Mono
Analoginiai įėjimai 2x Combo XLR 3-Pin Female Balanced/Unbalanced Line/Mic Input (Lockable)
Analoginiai išėjimai 1x 3.5 mm TRS Female Balanced/Unbalanced Line/Mic Input 1x 3.5 mm TRS Female Headphone/Line Output
Lygiagrečiai įrašomi takeliai 4
Atminties kortelės microSDXC (Up to 1 TB)
Maitinimo šaltinis 5 VDC at 1 A (Included)
Baterijos gyvavimo trukmė 9 Hours (AA Alkaline) / 14 Hours (AA NiMH / 20 Hours (AA Lithium)
Išoriniai Matmenys 6.7 x 3.8 x 15.6 cm
Svoris 226 g