Tie Studio MIDI Interface 4i4o

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The Tie Studio 4i4o is a convenient 4 in / 4 out, 64 channels, USB Midi interface for PC and Mac computers. With the Midi 4i4o you can obtain perfect MIDI timing and performance at an extremely a ordable price.

4-In/4-Out MIDI Interface
The Tie Studio 4i4o MIDI Interface is a compact and highly portable MIDI interface, boasting up to 64 channels of MIDI connectivity. The 4-in/4-out design is ideal for live performance and studio use alike. The 4 MIDI inputs and 64 MIDI outputs provide exceptional MIDI timing, providing zero-latency timing for optimal audio performance. The high-speed connection between the interface and your PC or Mac computer, ensures maximum reliability, providing perfect performance every time. The Tie Studio 4i4o-e is ideal for use with a range of MIDI-based instruments such as synthesizers, drum machines, electronic drum kits and more.

MIDI Merge Functionality
One of the most unique features of the Tie Studio 4i4o is the MIDI merge functionality. The MIDI merge function allows you to mix and blend the data between inputs 1 and 2. This can be highly useful when playing as an ensemble, allowing you to blend between instruments for maximum efficiency. For example, you could use the MIDI merge function as a mixer between two inputs, allowing you to find the perfect blend of tones to achieve the sound you desire.

Compact, Robust Design
The compact and robust design is constructed from hard-wearing aluminium, boasting LED indicators lights on the front of the interface. The LED lights provide a visual indication of when certain inputs are in use. The Tie Studio MIDI interface is powered via USB bus power, eliminating the need for an external power supply. It also provides plug and play functionality, meaning you do not have to install any additional drivers, making the setup process easier than ever. There is also a USB light, which shows you when the unit is being powered via USB hub power.

  • 4 Midi inputs and 4 Midi outputs (64 Midi channels)
  • Perfect Midi timing
  • Midi merge function for mixing data of the inputs 1 and 2
  • high-speed connection to USB-equipped Pc or Macintosh computers
  • USB-powered; required no external power supply
  • compact size
  • compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Mac OSX or better
  • true plug-n-play, users do not need to install driver for Windows XP, Vista and Mac OSX
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  • Tie Studio MIDI Interface 4i4o
Įėjimai (Inputs) 4
Išėjimai (Outputs) 4
Jungtis USB

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