FiiO K11 R2R (Black)

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FiiO has released a new R2R variant for its highly acclaimed K11 desktop DAC/AMP. With a self-developed fully differential 24-Bit R2R Resistor Array, the K11 R2R brings a smooth and rich sound to its listeners. The K11 R2R has NOS/OS dual operating modes, each having its own sound characteristics. The DAC/AMP houses dual headphone output options, one 6.35mm single-ended and another 4.4mm balanced port. Equipped with a powerful amp section with three-level adjustable gain and high-quality emerald solid-state capacitors, the K11 R2R delivers a strong output of 1300mW per channel. Experience a rich, smooth, organic R2R sound with the FiiO K11 R2R, available now.

Fully-Differential 24-Bit R2R DAC Array

FiiO has featured its newly developed four-channel fully differential 24-bit R2R resistor array on the K11 R2R. It consists of 48 resistors per channel, a total of 192 high-precision ultra-thin film resistors with 0.1% accuracy and low-temperature drift between the four channels. It promises clean and crisp output with dark background thanks to the specially developed audio circuit architecture.


NOS/OS Dual Operating Modes

FiiO K11 R2R has NOS(Non-Oversampling) and OS(Oversampling) dual operating modes. These are freely switchable and offer dual sound characteristics with the device. The NOS mode maintains the original sampling rate while signal processing while the OS mode oversamples all the signals to 384kHz for processing. NOS mode results in more musical presentation while the OS mode delivers more details and clarity.


Powerful Amp Section

FiiO has equipped the K11 R2R with professionally designed amp circuitry. It consists of Ti OPA1642 as Low-Pass filters and then dual SGM8262 Professional-grade operational amplifiers. The K11 R2R has an output power rating of up to 1300mWx2, which is adequate enough to drive demanding headphones with ease. It has three-level gain modes for easy pairing with sensitive as well as high-power requiring gear. The K11 R2R also adopts NJW1195A precise digital volume chipset for precise volume adjustment with low distortion between the channels.


Dual Headphone Output Ports

FiiO K11 R2R houses dual headphone output ports. It consists of a single-ended 6.35mm port and a balanced 4.4mm output port. You can easily pair different IEMs and headphones with the K11 R2R and enjoy high-resolution music to all its glory.


True High-Resolution Audio Signal Processing

FiiO K11 R2R supports decoding for high-resolution audio signals. It has full support for PCM and DSD signal processing supporting up to 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD256 audio signals. DSD256 requires the DSD output mode to be set to native. It is internally converted into PCM for R2R signal processing.


Professionally Designed Low-Noise Power Supply

FiiO K11 R2R features a professionally designed low-noise power supply. It consists of 17 Low-Noise LDO precision voltage regulator ICs and 2 DC-DCs providing a multi-channel power supply. It further benefits from the external 12V power supply ensuring a clean output with low noise and distortion issues. K11 R2R delivers quality sound for its users.

  • High-Performance Desktop R2R DAC/AMP
  • Fully Differential 24-Bit R2R Resistor Array
  • NOS/OS Dual-Mode Free Switching
  • Professionally Designed Electronic Volume Control Chipset (NJW1195A)
  • Supports 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and Native DSD256 Audio Signal Processing
  • Professional Audio Amp Circuit
  • 1300mW+1300mW Strong Output
  • Three-Levels Adjustable Gain
  • Specially Designed Low-Noise Power Supply
  • 6.35mm+4.4mm Dual Headphone Output Options
  • High-Quality Emerald Solid-State Capacitors
  • Customized LCD Display Screen
  • Global RGB Logo Light
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  • FiiO K11 R2R (Black)
  • Power adapter
  • Power cable
  • USB data cable
  • Headphone adapter
  • Quick start guide
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USB Type-C (data transmission)
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