Beyerdynamic MMX 200 Wireless (Black)

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The MMX 200 wireless combines our beyerdynamic studio sound quality with our passion for gaming. The combination of studio sound, META VOICE microphone and wireless connectivity with features such as Augmented Mode, Low Latency and Hybrid Mode with Bluetooth® 5.3 make the MMX 200 wireless the perfect choice for gamers looking for exceptional performance and maximum flexibility.

Due to our studio driver systems, the MMX 200 wireless provides a high-resolution sound image. The built-in 40 mm driver systems have been optimised for gaming, without neglecting our PRO ID. The result is a clear and precise sound that is evident in all genres: in FPS games, gamers benefit from the precise sound localisation, which gives them a clear advantage in a wide range of situations. RPGs feel even more realistic thanks to the distinct sound image.

Low Latency Mode

The supplied USB dongle is connected to the PC or other USB other USB device to minimise latency while gaming. Input lag between audio and video is eliminated for a superior gaming experience.


Bluetooth 5.3

In BLUETOOTH® MODE, the MMX 200 can be connected wirelessly to a smartphone or other Bluetooth® enabled device to experience the perfect connection for pure music enjoyment both at home and on the move.


Hybrid Mode

HYBRID MODE establishes an audio connection between two devices. MMX 200 wireless connects to one device via BLUETOOTH® MODE and simultaneously connects to another device via the analogue cable. The audio signals from BLUETOOTH® and the analogue connected device are mixed together so that both input signals can be heard.

  • Closed-back gaming headphones for precise sound awareness and clear communication
  • 40mm driver pumps out high-definition sound with spectacular localization for accurate tracking
  • Crystal-clear Meta Voice microphone for direct broadcasting with included pop shield
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones and other Bluetooth-equipped devices
  • Onboard control wheel with volume, mute, and Augment Mode control
  • Included USB dongle for low latency operation
  • Improved ear pads for hours of comfortable use
  • Dual-device connectivity via Hybrid mode — 1 Bluetooth connection, 1 wired connection
  • Perfect for use with PC and nearly all popular gaming consoles
Kas yra pakuotėje?
  • Beyerdynamic MMX 200 Wireless (Black) with detachable microphone arm
  • Dongle (low latency wireless adapter)
  • 2.4m USB-C on USB-A Cable for PC
Forma Ausis apgaubiančios
Headphones Type Wired, Bluetooth
Open / Closed Uždaros
Baterija laiko 35 H
Supported Audio Codecs SBC
Headphones Bluetooth Version 5.3
Atkuriami dažniai 20 - 20 000 Hz
Varža 32 Ω
Headphone Features Mic, ANC
Svoris 360 g
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