Zoom F8n

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Capture every location recording cleanly and redundantly with the Zoom F8n, a sound bag–friendly, multitrack field recorder with look-ahead limiters for distortion-free 24-bit audio, and up to 8-input / 10-track recording for professional and enthusiast applications on set and in the field. Like other F-Series recorders such as the F4 and F6, you can slide it in a sound bag, sling it over your shoulder, or mount it to a camera; the F8n packs quantity and quality into a rugged frame that's more than ready for filmmaking, production/location sound mixing, sound effects recording, and electronic news gathering (ENG).
From the large, informative color display and user-friendly controls to the flexible powering options and precision time code functionality, the F8n is properly equipped to please novices and demanding veterans alike. Whether you need long-duration stereo recording for an interview, redundant capture of multi-mic setups for a video shoot, or Ambisonics sound files for virtual reality and 360-audio projects, the F8n has the modes, resolutions, and media support to handle your crucial audio tasks.

Plus, its operational versatility ensures that the F8n will always enhance your workflow, be it simple, complex, or always changing. You can feel confident using it as your main recorder, a USB audio interface for your dedicated computer rig, or a backup unit for added safety. Since it supports dual SD card recording, 4-channel safety recording, and 6-second pre-recording, you can stop worrying about losing takes.
  • Location Recording & Filmmaking
  • 8 x High-Gain, Low-Noise Mic Preamps
  • Ambisonics, WAV & MP3 Formats
  • Flexible Powering Options
  • AutoMix Software Reduces Mix Noise
  • Look-Ahead Limiters Prevent Clipping
  • Records 8 Inputs & Stereo Mix
  • Supports Control via App or FRC-8
  • Dual SD Card / USB Interface Recording
  • Precision Time Code Reader/Generator
Kas yra pakuotėje?
  • Zoom F8n
  • Power Adapter (AD-19, 12V )
  • Cubase LE and WaveLab LE
Audio interfeisas Yes
Maksimali raiška 24-bit/192kHz
Integruotas Mikrofonas Built-In Slate Mic
Integruotas garsiakalbis No
Analoginiai įėjimai 8 x XLR-1/4" combo, 10-pin Mic Connector (Zoom mic capsules)
Analoginiai išėjimai 2 x TA3 (main out), 1 x 1/8" TRS (sub out)
Lygiagrečiai įrašomi takeliai 8 sources, plus stereo mix
Lygiagrečiai grojami takeliai 10 (8 plus stereo mix)
Atminties kortelės 2 x SD (up to 512GB), 2 x SDHC (up to 512GB), 2 x SDXC (up to 512GB)
Limiteris Yes
Efektai Limiter
Maitinimo šaltinis 12V DC power supply (included) / 8 x AA batteries / 4-pin Hirose 9-18V DC power supply (sold separately)
Baterijos gyvavimo trukmė 3-8h
Išoriniai Matmenys 17.82 x 14.03 x 5.43 cm
Svoris 1 kg

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