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Motu 828 (USB-C)

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Aimed at serious musicians, creators, and podcasters, the completely redesigned MOTU 828 USB-C Audio/MIDI Interface connects to a Mac, Windows, or iOS device via lightning-fast 5 Gbps USB 3.1 with low-latency high-performance drivers to deliver 60 total channels of I/O and 24-channel mixing with onboard effects processing, including reverb, 4-band EQ and compression. The 828 features a refreshed front panel that offers an improved user interface and high-resolution metering.

Superb Analog Audio Quality and High-End Converters

  • Renowned ESS Sabre32 DAC technology delivers 125 dB of dynamic range and extremely low harmonic distortion, with support for all standard sample rates up to 24-bit / 192 kHz. Analog performance is driven by decades of MOTU engineering expertise in audio-interface technology.


Transparent Mic Channels

  • Cutting-edge components deliver ultratransparent sound with -114 dB THD+N, 118 dB dynamic range, and -129 dBu EIN. Each mic channel provides individual controls for +74 dB of preamp gain, -20 dB pad, 48V phantom power, and phase invert.
  • All settings can be controlled remotely from a computer or iOS device. Each mic channel includes a dedicated send/return insert (balanced) for outboard gear processing.


Universal Connectivity for Mac, Windows, iOS

  • Connect to your Mac, Windows, or iOS device with 5 Gbps USB 3.1 (compatible with USB 2), with up to 60 audio channels (28-in / 32-out). Class-compliant firmware means you can plug and play with Mac or iOS hosts, no driver needed. Industry standard high-performance drivers work with any audio apps.
  • Connect directly to your iPad via USB-C or a standard camera connection kit (Lightning adapter).


Ultralow Latency Performance

  • Optimized drivers for both Mac and Windows deliver renowned ultralow latency performance.
  • With a high-performance DAW such as Digital Performer, the 828 delivers an astonishing round trip latency (RTL) of ~2 ms (milliseconds) over USB (2 or 3), at 96 kHz with a 32-sample host buffer.


Bright 3.9" TFT Display on Front Panel

  • On the front panel, the bright 3.9", 24-bit RGB LCD provides 480x128 pixel high-resolution metering for all analog and digital I/O.
  • Get detailed status info and access to hardware settings from a simple and convenient menu.


60 Simultaneous Audio Channels

  • 28 inputs and 32 outputs, including two combo XLR/TRS mic / line / Hi-Z guitar inputs with send/return inserts, 8 TRS analog (line-level) in/out, and separate main outs on XLR jacks.
  • Two banks of 8-channel ADAT I/O, stereo RCA S/PDIF digital I/O, and two front-panel headphone outputs.


Hi-Z Guitar Inputs: DIY Guitar Re-Amping

  • Connect your guitar to the front-panel Hi-Z combo input, use CueMix's near-zero latency to loop to any output (with a re-amp adapter, if needed), and record both the dry signal and your miked-up amp simultaneously.
  • Then re-amp the dry signal later with different amps and cabs—or amp modeling plug-ins—to experiment with different tones.


Send/Return Loops for Both Mic Inputs

  • Each 828 mic input offers a dedicated analog send/return loop, allowing for both mono or stereo mic-channel outboard processing via fully balanced connections.
  • If nothing is plugged into a mic input, its return serves as an extra line input with identical signal characteristics to all other line inputs.


Two Independent Headphone Outputs

  • With independent volume control, each headphone output can mirror each other, the Main Outs, any other analog output pair, any CueMix bus, or any USB output channels.
  • Or, you can create a completely customized mix for each headphone output that includes live 828 inputs and built-in reverb.


Wireless Wi-Fi Control

  • If the 828 is connected to a computer on your Wi-Fi network, you can control all settings and mixing wirelessly from the CueMix 5 app running on mobile devices or other computers on the same network—even multiple devices at the same time.
  • Manage access to the 828 with network discovery and password protection.


DSP Mixing and Effects Processing

  • Flexible 24-input digital mixer with 8 stereo buses and DSP effects, including reverb, 4-band EQ, gate, and compression.


Control-Room Features: A/B Speaker Select and Talkback

  • Take control of your recording sessions with the front-panel talkback switch.
  • Connect two sets of monitors and check your mixes instantly with front-panel A/B select buttons.
  • Talkback uses any analog input (no built-in front-panel talkback mic).


Monitor Group for Surround Systems

  • Control your 5.1 or 7.1 surround speaker system with a single fader.
  • The MonitorGroup gives you the flexibility to choose any analog outputs you wish to control.


Loopback and Live Streaming

  • With two loopback channels, you can easily route computer output back to the computer, where you can mix it with live mics and/or guitar inputs from the 828 in your host software for live streaming or podcasting.


ADAT Optical I/O and Optical Expansion

  • Connect outboard digital processors, digital mixers, or other gear with 16 channels of ADAT at 44.1 / 48 kHz or 8 channels of S/MUX at 88.2 / 96 kHz.
  • Bank A can optionally provide stereo TOSLINK (optical S/PDIF) I/O up to 96 kHz.


S/PDIF Digital I/O

  • The 828's standard RCA S/PDIF input and output make stereo digital transfers a snap, with optional external clocking and support for sample rates up to 96 kHz.
  • Choose any source signal for the S/PDIF output.


CueMix 5 Monitor Mixing with Effects

  • CueMix 5 for Mac, Windows, and iOS gives you simple yet comprehensive graphic control over your mix with attractive graphic mixing, graphic editing of parametric EQ, and a convenient touch-friendly interface (on iOS) for quick access to all mixing features, digitally controlled trims, and other settings.

5-Pin DIN MIDI I/O with MIDI Thru

  • Connect MIDI gear without the need for a separate MIDI interface.
  • MIDI Thru mode lets you loop MIDI directly from IN to OUT, bypassing the computer (or with no computer connected).


DC-Coupled TRS Outputs

  • All analog outputs are DC-coupled.
  • This means you can use the 828 to manipulate and sequence modular synthesizers from a host DAW using control voltage (CV).


Footswitch Input

  • Connect a standard foot pedal switch (available separately) for hands-free punch-in and punch-out while recording.
  • Or map the pedal to any keystroke function in your host software.


Other Features

  • Word clock in/out/thru supports all sample rates up to 192 kHz.
  • Latching power button that prevents inadvertent switching.
  • Built-in rack ears for improved durability.
  • Sheet-steel case with increased depth and heft.


Two DAWs to Get You Started

  • Performer Lite provides everything you need to record, edit, mix, process, and master your own music tracks quickly and easily. Plug in your mic, guitar, and MIDI keyboard, and start tracking with over 100 virtual instruments, dozens of effect plug-ins, guitar FX processing, and much more.
  • The Ableton Live Lite DAW is also included.


100+ Instruments

  • Performer Lite includes over 100 virtual instruments.
  • Instruments include acoustic and electric pianos, guitars, basses, drums, organs synths, orchestral instruments, choirs, world instruments, and much more. 


6GB of Free Loops and Sample Packs

  • Performer Lite includes 6GB of free loops and sample packs from from Big Fish Audio, LucidSamples, Loopmasters, and MOTU to help you start making music right away.
  • From Performer Lite's Content Browser, choose from dozens of musical styles, click to audition, then drag and drop in your project's timeline to build your track quickly.
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  • MOTU 828 USB-C Audio/MIDI Interface
  • USB-C to USB-C Cable
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