Focal Listen Professional

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The Focal Listen Professional Headphones are circumaural closed-back studio monitor headphones designed to deliver isolation from noise and accurate reference monitoring for musicians, producers, and recording and mixing engineers in home, project, commercial, and mobile recording studios. The 40mm Mylar/titanium-cone drivers feature low impedance, high sensitivity, and an extended frequency response of 5 Hz to 22 kHz. The 22mm thick memory foam ear cushions and flexible padded headband maintain comfortable wearability for long listening sessions.

The two supplied OFC copper cables (one 5m coiled cable and one 1.4m straight cable with an in-line remote control and omnidirectional microphone) are detachable and connect to a locking 3.5mm socket on the headphones. Each cable is terminated with a 3.5mm connector, which can be plugged into 1/4" jacks via the 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter. A rigid carry case is included for safe and easy transport and storage.


Enhanced Driver Design

The speaker driver has been given a 100% Mylar suspension, whereas the central dome is composed of a Mylar/titanium alloy to provide more rigidity and extended frequency response in the upper end of the spectrum. The construction makes the moving part extremely light, enabling the transducer to exceed 40 kHz on a flat baffle. The reproduction of the bass and sub-bass registers also received a great deal of attention. and boast a tuning frequency which is as low as possible and minimal distortion (0.3% at 1 kHz - 100 dB). Low-resistivity microfiber covers the 22mm thick memory foam ear cushions and contributes to extremely linear bass, allowing you to accurately check the bass register while freeing yourself from the acoustic constraints of your environment.


Closed-Back Style

The Listen Professional headphones are designed to combine the lively experience of semi-open headphones with the isolation provided by closed-back designs. The size of the ear cushions gives them volume-enabling balanced acoustics. The incorporation of microfiber provides a more linear bass register and favors acoustic output, whereas the acoustic tissue, which is closer to the speaker driver, offers great absorption and linearity in the 3 to 9 kHz register. Bass and low-mid frequencies benefit from tonal balance and articulation. The upper mids are communicated with precision and definition in order to emphasize any imperfections in the equalization or dynamics of a mix.



Because professional headphones are synonymous with frequent and intense use, extensive research was undertaken to guarantee high mechanical reliability. Proof of this is the headband's capacity to withstand all sorts of strain on all fifty-three components. The horizontal and vertical rotation of the earcups operate thanks to one single part: a joint integrated into each one. The earcups also feature a black structured covering, making them resistant to impacts and scratching.



Heat-sensitive, high-density memory foam used for Listen Professional perfectly molds to heads of all shapes and sizes, with particular attention paid to the area under the ears. This prevents any acoustic leaks, ensuring accurate reproduction of the bass register.


Multiple Cables

Two low-impedance OFC cables are supplied with Listen Professional. The 16.5' coiled cable with 3.5mm jack plugs at each end is the ideal cable for professional and mobile use. A 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter is provided for using the headphones via a mixing console or standard audio interface. The 4.5' straight cable is equipped with an in-line, multi-function remote control and an omnidirectional microphone. Both cables feature a locking mechanism to prevent the cables from accidentally disconnecting.
  • Circumaural Closed-Back Design
  • 40mm Drivers
  • 22mm Thick Memory Foam Ear Cushions
  • Flexible Padded Headband
  • 5 Hz to 22 kHz Frequency Response
  • Low Impedance, High Sensitivity
  • 3.5mm Locking Socket
Kas yra pakuotėje?
  • Focal Listen Professional Closed-Back Studio Monitor Headphones
  • Coiled Cable 5m
  • Straight Cable with In-Line Remote and Microphone 1.4m
  • 3.5mm to 1/4" Adapter
  • Rigid Carry Case
Forma Ausis apgaubiančios
Headphones Type Wired
Open / Closed Uždaros
Atkuriami dažniai 5 - 22 000 Hz
Varža 32 Ω
Jautrumas 122 dB
Headphone Features Foldable, Detachable Cable
Svoris 280 g
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