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Zoom R4 MultiTrak

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Capture moments of musical inspiration and build compositions on the go with the Zoom R4 MultiTrak recorder. Combining a workflow similar to classic portable 4 track recorders with 21st century digital features, the R4 offers musicians a compact and travel-ready miniature studio complete with two XLR/TRS combo inputs, a built-in microphone, volume faders, 2" color LCD, stereo 3.5mm output for monitoring, effects, and even built-in rhythms to help you get ideas down. Audio is recorded to microSD, and cards of up to 1TB are supported. A 1/4"-20 thread allows you to easily mount it to a tripod or other accessory, while nonskid rubber feet help keep it from moving on flat surfaces.

Designed by Musicians

Zoom designed the R4 MultiTrak to empower musicians to explore big ideas. With a unique dedicated bounce track and 32-bit float recording, the R4 is perfect for capturing you compositions.

Record Bounce Repeat

With the R4, you can record up to four tracks, mix, and then bounce them to the dedicated bounce track. This lets you free up additional tracks to keep adding layers.

32-Bit Float Recording

Don't worry about your audio signal clipping. The R4 captures perfect audio with every take, without the need to set gain.

Add Effects

Track effects: Each track features a 3-band EQ, pan, echo, and reverb to refine your mix.

Input effects: Apply effects to input A such as amp simulations, delays, distortions and more.

Built-In Microphone

The R4 features a high-quality built-in microphone, perfect for acoustic guitars, vocals, or capturing a quick reference recording.

Much More than a Metronome

The R4 has a rhythm section preloaded with over 80 different drum patterns to play along with featuring genres such as rock, hip hop, funk, heavy metal, and more.

Every Track is Saved

Tracks that you record are automatically saved individually, even after they have been bounced. These tracks or any other audio files can be loaded into a project on the R4.

32-Bit Float Audio Interface

The R4 is also a powerful 2-in / 2-out USB audio interface with 32-bit float technology. Connect it to either your computer or smartphone.

Control and Create

With a fader for each track and dedicated hardware buttons for the most used functions, you won't need to menu dive to record your music.

Powered for Your Ideas

The R4 can be powered by four AA Batteries or through its USB-C port.

  • 4 Tracks of Recording + Dedicated Bounce Track
  • 2 XLR/TS combo inputs for guitar, bass, keyboards, microphones and more
  • Built-in Omnidirectional Microphone
  • Dual AD circuitry with 32-bit float recording technology
  • Color LCD Display
  • Built-in effects including EQ, Reverb, Compression, and Guitar effects
  • 4 Faders for Volume Control
  • USB Audio Interface Function
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries or external USB-C battery
Kas yra pakuotėje?
  • Zoom R4 MultiTrak 32-Bit Float Recorder with Stereo Bouncing
Maksimali raiška 48 kHz / 32-Bit Float
Integruotas Mikrofonas Omnidirectional
Integruotas garsiakalbis No
Išoriniai Matmenys 7.4 x 13.8 x 3.6 cm
Svoris 287 g