Yamaha MG12

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The Yamaha MG12 Analog Mixer Console is engineered to enhance your mix and offer precise control over your sounds. With discrete class-A preamps, the mixer provides a purely transparent sound. The switchable phantom power and PAD switch gives users control over high quality condenser microphones and avoids clipping for a cleaner tone. 1-knob compression is available and really offers outstanding sound reinforcement controls. An internal universal power supply offers stress-free operation and the impact-resistant metal chassis ensures durability.

Studio Grade Preamps
The preamp is the starting point when it comes to mixers and they are the most vital components for determining the quality of your mix. The mixers within the Yamaha MG series all feature a studio-grade class-A D-PRE preamp to deliver more power at a lower impedance. This premium preamp possesses an extremely wide frequency range and delivers a sound full of fat bass tones and incredibly smooth highs with little to no distortion. This pure platform allows you to get straight into the performance without needing to spend wasted time trying to 'fix' your mix.

Custom Made MG01 Op-Amp
The sound quality is derived from the head amp, and one of the most important sections of the head amp is the op-amp. The Yamaha MG series mixers all have custom made MG01 amplifiers that focus on sound quality first and foremost. This integrated circuit is redesigned for optimal resolution.

Switchable Phantom Power & PAD Switch
The mixing consoles within the MG series gives users outstanding control over the improved frequency response and sound quality of condenser microphones. The input channel with PAD switch allows MIC to line level of inputs and attenuates high input signals. Therefore, the mixer can avoid issues with clipping that can be so prevalent in affecting a mix.

Professionally Tailored Sound
Overall, the MG series of mixers gives you the tools to succeed in creating high quality sound that features your own unique touch. With 1-knob compressors, users can alter the dynamics of an audio signal. This is incredibly useful when wanting to add more life to a guitar tone, heavier bass lines, tight snare sounds and crisper vocal performances. The intuitive Yamaha knob design ensures simple access for optimised compression settings.

Total Tonal Control
To add the little details to your overall mix, the MG12 includes 3-band equalisers on all mono channels to give you complete control. Along with a reliable high-pass filter, the analog mixer eliminates unwanted low-frequency noise for an astonishingly clean mix.

Wide Variety Of Connector
Every model in the MG series feature balanced XLR connectors on mono microphone, line channels and XLR equipped stereo channels. These mono inputs accept both mic and line level signals. Two stereo inputs have XLR and two phone connectors, accepting line level signals suitable for mono or stereo. The MG12 model two phone connectors for line level signals as stereo.

Universal Power Supply
The MG12 console features an internal universal power supply for stress-free operation. The efficient power supply is designed to withstand tough conditions that may usually cause disruption to power systems and the simple, internal design allows for easier installations.

Durable Construction
Mixing consoles experience harsh environmental conditions such as excessive temperatures, humidity, unstable power supplies and the testing conditions of travel in general. This is why the MG series mixers have been built to last and withstand the trials and tribulations of a variety of testing situations. The console features an incredibly robust, powder-coated metal chassis that is designed for convection cooling as well as reducing operational noise. The circuit board and each component underneath is thoroughly protected with controlled placement of the chassis to ensure that no impact passes through the casing.

  • Discrete Class-A mic preamps
  • High quality sound op-amp
  • Switchable phantom power & PAD switch
  • 1-knob compressors
  • AUX input
  • EQ & high-pass filters
  • Variety of input & output connectors
  • LED level metering
  • Internal universal power supply
  • Metal chassis
Kas yra pakuotėje?
  • Yamaha MG12
  • AC Adapter
Audio interfeisas No
Kanalų skaičius 12
Įėjimai (Inputs) 12
Įėjimai - Mikrofonų priešstiprintuviai 4 x XLR/TRS Combo, 2 x XLR, 4 x TRS
Phantom įtampa 8
Įėjimai - Line 4 x TRS
Inputs - Other 2 x Stereo (RCA)
Išėjimai (Outputs) 6
Išėjimai - Pagrindiniai 2 x XLR, 4 x TRS
Outputs - Direct 2 x TRS
Papildomi (AUX) 1 x Pre/Post, 1 x Post
Send/Return I/O 2 x TRS (Sends)
Busses/Groups 2 x Groups
Ausinių išėjimasHeadphone 1 x 1/4"
Integruoti efektai Ne
Išoriniai Matmenys 42.2 x 31.7 x 12 cm
Svoris 4 kg

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