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Tonar Nostatic Mat II

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The Nostatic Mat II improved, is one of the bestselling Tonar record turntable accessories.

The mat is made of a combination of felt mixed with carbon fibers. The felt cushions the record and damps the vibrations caused by acoustic feedback to the record players from the speakers and other external vibrations.

The mat is 2 mm thick. The carbon fibers collect the static charge from the record and conduct it back to earth due to the contact with the center spindle as well as with the platter.

Tonar NoStatic carbon impregnated turntable mat. Combination of wool and carbon to reduce static from LPs, resulting in a lower noise floor on playback. The Tonar Nostatic mat is 2mm thick & will not affect VTA , Prevents build up of static on your LP''s. Can be used in conjunction with other mats or on it''s own.

If you are having issues with static this mat will help to stop static build up.Problems with static, especially with brand new records. When you lift a record to turn it over at the end of a side would your old felt mat clean off the platter, and the record would be heavily charged with static. No static charge at all!


  • Thickness: 2mm thick
  • Outer Diameter: 295mm
  • Inner Diameter: 7mm