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Technics SL-1210MK7

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The Technics - SL-1210MK7 is a professional, direct-drive DJ turntable that offers the same feel, reliability and durability as its predecessors. At the same time it is optimized with an iron coreless direct drive motor for stable rotation and a powerful drive torque as well as other sound enhancing technologies. New DJ functions are also available, such as reverse play for maximum creativity and the extended pitch range from ±8% to ±16%.
The tonearm is statically balanced and highly sensitive, allowing high-precision tracking of the record signal. When it comes to vibration damping, the Technics - SL-1210MK7 has a two-layer turntable structure, a highly stable housing and effective damping feet. Apart from that, the DJ turntable is equipped with a durable and brighter LED needle illumination. Further very practical features are the detachable power and signal cables for a higher flexibility and the adjustment of the start-/brake torque.

In Puncto Style, the Technics - SL-1210MK7 comes with a matt black housing including black buttons and a black S-shaped tonearm, providing a consistent black design in an attractive, refined look. With all these features the Technics - SL-1210MK7 wants to set a new standard for DJ turntables.
  • High-quality sound reproduction true to the Technics philosophy
  • Cordless Direct Drive motor achieving stable rotation and powerful torque
  • Highly sensitive tonearm
  • Two-layer structure platter with improved vibration damping performance
  • High rigidity and high damping insulator for thorough shut-out of all vibrations
  • Detachable power/phono cable terminals prevent cable disconnections
  • Inherits and enhances the operating ease of the SL-1210 series
  • Starting torque/brake speed adjustment function
  • Pitch control function enables accurate and stable pitch adjustment
  • A traditional design ideal for DJ play
  • Reverse play function expands the breadth of DJ play styles
  • Stylus illuminator features a highly bright and long-life LED
  • All black design
Kas yra pakuotėje?
  • Technics SL-1210MK7
  • Slipmat
  • Slipsheet
  • Dust cover
  • EP record adaptor
  • Balance weight
  • Head shell
  • Screw set for cartridge
  • PHONO cable
  • PHONO earth lead
  • AC power supply cord
Valdymas Direct drive
Greitis 33, 45, 78
Phono Stiprintuvas Taip
Kartridžas Replaceable
Alkūnės tipas S-shaped
Variklis High torque direct drive motor
Greičio reguliavimas Yes
USB Jungtis Ne
Išoriniai Matmenys 45.3 x 35.3 x 16.9 cm
Svoris 9.6 kg

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