Softube Weiss MM-1 (Download)

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Taking its cues from a venerated hardware piece, the Softube Weiss MM-1 is a piece of software designed to provide transparent, clean, yet loud limiting to your mixing and mastering applications. It features codes ported from and inspired by the venerated Weiss DS1-MK3, providing five different algorithms: Transparent, Loud, Punch, Wide, and De-ess.

Controls of this limiter/maximizer plug-in have been simplified when compared to the original hardware piece, with an intuitive three-knob operation, and virtual push-button control of limiting algorithms. Dial in the amount of limiting you’d like with the amount knob, juice the limiter’s gain with the limiter gain knob, and blend unprocessed signal into the chain with the parallel mix knob.

The style buttons at the bottom of the GUI allow you to switch among limiter settings with relative alacrity. These easy controls provide a sound and experience that make limiting your master bus a relatively quick affair.

  • Simple interface controlling detailed expert mastering processes.
  • Five flavors of loudness available.
  • Contains the very same technology as the legendary hardware mastering processor, the Weiss DS1-MK3.
  • Fully licensed and endorsed by Daniel Weiss himself.
  • Great for maximizing your mix-bus quickly and effectively.
  • Go as loud as you want without sacrificing desirable tone and dynamics.
  • Impossible to get it wrong. Be the master of your own masters!
  • NKS-ready: Integrates with Native Instruments hardware and software. Plug-in parameters and presets can be controlled from KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE