Softube Tube-Tech Equalizer Collection (Download)

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Available for download, the Softube Tube-Tech EQ Collection bundles together two plug-ins, each modeled on classic Tube-Tech equalizers, and each sporting sonic and graphic improvements over their corresponding original plug-ins. Both of the hardware inspirations for these plug-ins were themselves modeled on hallowed Pultec equalizers. The software EQs have been housed in a single plug-in for your convenience.

First you're given the PE 1C MKII, a passive, tube-based equalizer suitable for many different sources such as drums, bass, guitars, and vocals. The EQ features a low-frequency section made up of two low-shelf filters that can be combined to attenuate and boost at the same time, resulting in unique filter curves and resonances. The high-frequency section has a peak and a shelving filter working in parallel, which can help you secure a smooth top end that doesn't become overbearing.

Next you have the ME 1B MKII, a three-band mid-range EQ based on Tube-Tech's recreation of the Pultec MEQ-5 equalizer. The hardware ME 1B is a passive, tube-based equalizer and was designed to accompany the PE 1C while providing control over the frequencies that the PE 1C cannot adjust.

The ME 1B MKII provides a low frequency boost a large-range (200 Hz to 1 kHz) a sweepable cut (200 Hz to 7 kHz), and a high-midrange frequency boost (1.5 to 5 kHz). The mid section never boosts, but always attenuates the selected frequency. The low and high bands always boost their corresponding frequencies.

On their own, both modules are suitable tools for tonal shaping. Taken together, they comprise a versatile and full-featured equalizer. These plug-ins are available for Mac and Windows platforms, and include the legacy MK I versions.

  • Improved sound, updated using our latest signal processing technology.
  • Spectacular new high-resolution graphics.
  • Still the same epic audio processors they always were.
  • A ‘Pultec’-style low and high end equalizer.
  • Mid-range equalizer with the same passive, tube-driven design.
  • Combined into one plug-in for better workflow and sound than ever.
  • Legacy plug-ins included.