Softube Abbey Road Studios Brilliance Pack (Download)

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The Abby Road Brilliance Pack from Softube is a plug-in bundle featuring three presence/treble frequency equalizers modeled after original hardware units that were designed and used by Abby Road Studios. The bundle offers silky smooth high frequency boost and cut to guitars, vocals, drums, and entire mixes.

The RS127 Rack is based on the original Brilliance Control rack modules, which were installed in the studio control rooms. The interface offers a frequency selector of 2.7, 3.5, and 10 kHz, while the gain dial provides a range of ±10 dB with selections in 2 dB increments. A broad bell curve is implemented when boosting frequencies, while a medium-bell is utilized for cut settings.

The RS127 Box recreates the standalone version which featured an audio transformer. The transformer exaggerated the frequency range and while the front panel shows 2.7, 3.5, and 10 kHz the actual frequencies used are 2.9, 4.2, and 11.5 kHz. Additionally, the transformer gives a sharper Q or bandwidth with significantly more boost than given by the same settings on the RS127 Rack.

The RS135 is a boost-only EQ and was originally designed to work at 16.4, but the Abby Road Engineers later modified the box to work at 8 kHz. Complementing the RS127 Rack and Box EQs, the RS135 offers up to 10 dB of gain in 2 dB increments and a medium-sharp bell curve response.

RS127 Rack (Grey Faceplate)

  • Original Abbey Road Studios treble equalizer
  • Boost or cut of up to 10 dB at 2.7, 3.5 and 10 kHz

RS127 Box (Green Faceplate)

  • Based on the same circuit as in the RS127 (Grey Faceplate), but with the addition of an audio transformer
  • The transformer dramatically altered the sound character by shifting the frequencies higher
  • Boost or cut of up to 10 dB at 2.9, 4.2, and 11.5 kHz

RS135 Boost EQ

  • Designed to fill the frequency gap between both RS127s
  • Boosts up to 10 dB at 8 kHz
  • Adds beautiful sounding treble and presence without harshness
  • Three different passive treble equalizers, modeled from Abbey Road Studios' originals
  • The original grey RS127, the green RS127 with added transformer and the 8 kHz only RS135
  • Very low CPU usage