Sennheiser SoundProtex

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Designed to protect your sensitive hearing during loud concerts, band practices, noisy clubs, and more, the SoundProtex Earplugs from Sennheiser helps to avoid ringing ears while retaining full ambient awareness. With the included two-stage acoustic filter, you can enjoy high-fidelity sound at safer levels, with none of the muddled audio that comes with lesser earplugs, allowing you to carry on a conversation during loud concerts.
The eartips are designed for a secure fit and are made from medical-grade, biocompatible TPE, providing a hygienic, easily cleanable material that is comfortable to wear. Besides the pair of acoustic filters, SoundProtex also includes a full-block filter that gives you complete isolation from sound for a perfectly quiet experience, and even keeps your ears dry during a swim. Along with the filter pairs, this system includes three sizes of eartip adapters (small, medium, and large) and one pouch bag for carrying your SoundProtex to your next engagement.
  • Protects Hearing from Loud Sounds
  • Provides Clear, High-Fidelity Sound
  • Two-Stage Acoustic Sound Filter
  • Medical-Grade, Biocompatible TPE Eartips
  • Full-Block Filter Keeps Ears Dry
  • Includes 3 Adapter Pairs, 2 Filter Pairs
  • Comes with Carry Pouch
Kas yra pakuotėje?
  • Sennheiser SoundProtex
  • 3 x Eartip Adapter Pair
  • Acoustic Filter Pair
  • Full-Block Filter Pair
  • Pouch Bag