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Rode NTG3 Kondensatorinis Shotgun Mikrofonas (Juodas)

659,00 €
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Tiekėjų sandėlyje: 3 vnt.
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Rode's NTG-3 shotgun condenser mic is made to give you superior performance even in the most adverse environmental conditions. At an affordable price, NTG-3 is moisture-resistant, and coupled with low handling- and self-noise properties, there is no better mic for film and broadcast applications out there.
Rest assured, NTG-3 will provide the sound quality that will make you feel as if you are there, be it the Amazonian rainforest, or North-pole snowstorm. Additionally, you will find a water-resistant aluminium storage cylinder, windshield, pouch, and mic clip included in the Rode NTG-3 package. Combined with low-weight, incredibly low extra noise and the guts to be able to work where other condenser mics would fail, NTG-3 is definitely one of the premier Rode mics.
  • True condenser mic made to survive extreme environmental conditions
  • Lightweight with minimal self-noise
  • Highly sensitive and immune to radio frequency interference
  • Superior audio quality
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Kas yra pakuotėje?
  • Rode NTG3 (Black)
  • Water resistant storage cylinder
  • Mic clip
  • Windshield
Diafragmos dydis 12.70 mm
Atkuriami dažniai 40 - 20 000 Hz
Maksimalus slėgis 130 dB SPL (1 kHz, 1% THD, 1-Kilohm Load)
Varža 25 Ω
Jautrumas -30 dBV/Pa at 1 kHz
Signalo ir triukšmo santykis 81 dB A-Weighted
Triukšmingumas 13 dB A-Weighted
Išoriniai Matmenys 25.5 x 1.9 x 1.9 cm
Svoris 163 g

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