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Rode DS2

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The Rode DS2 Desktop Studio Arm is a compact and versatile solution for all your studio needs. Designed to support microphones, cameras, smartphones, lights, and other accessories weighing up to 900g, this desktop arm is a must-have for any content creator or musician.
With its heavy base stand, the DS2 provides perfect balance and stability on your desk or any flat surface. Gone are the days of clamps and mounting points - simply sit the arm on your workspace, and you're ready to go. The arm features two pivot points, allowing you to effortlessly reposition your equipment to achieve the perfect angle and setup.

Not only does the DS2 provide excellent flexibility, but it also ensures a clean and organised workspace. Thanks to its integrated cable guide slots, you can easily manage your cables and keep your desktop tidy. Say goodbye to tangled cords and hello to a clutter-free environment that enhances your productivity. Ideal for recording podcasts, streaming, vlogging, or video conferencing, the Rode DS2 Desktop Studio Arm is your reliable companion for your desktop recording setup.
  • Ideal for podcasts, vocal recording and live-streaming
  • Integrated cable management keeps your setup tidy
  • Ultra-flexible design with dual pivot points
  • Heavy base for perfect balance on a desktop/flat surface
  • Perfect for mounting mics, cameras, smartphones and accessories sup to 900 grams
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  • Rode DS2
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