Pioneer PLX-1000 Patefonas

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Pioneer DJ's PLX-1000 direct-drive Hi-Fi analog turntable is designed for personal listening and staggering live DJ performances. Its main feature is the high-torque platter that gets to its stable speed of 33.3 rpm in 0.3 seconds, which means that scratching and beat matching are extremely precise and flexible, especially when you count in three different tempo ranges. Besides, the turntable has a familiar and intuitive layout, which makes tempo control, start/stop button and the speed guide convenient to reach. Lastly, and most importantly, the sound of PLX-1000 is simply superb. Only few Hi-Fi turntables in the market can compete with its clarity and sharpness, and considering that this turntable provides next-to-nothing noise, it makes it a really smart investment towards better quality of your music.

  • High-torque direct-drive Hi-Fi analog turntable
  • Perfectly meets the demands of today's DJ'ing standards
  • Intuitive layout
  • Stable rotation (33.3rpm) in just 0.3 seconds
  • Smooth operation
  • Aluminium platter
  • Minimised vibration due to 9mm damping surface
  • Conveniently-placed RCA and power connections
  • Three tempo ranges and a reset button

Produkto instrukcija

Kas yra pakuotėje?

Turntable sheet and slipmat
Dust cover
Head shell and shell and sub weight
Adapter for EP record
Power cord and RCA stereo audio cable
Ground wire
User manual

Valdymas Manual
Greitis 33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM
Phono Stiprintuvas Ne
Kartridžas Replaceable
Alkūnės tipas S-shaped
Variklis Direct-drive
Greičio reguliavimas Yes
USB Jungtis Ne
Išoriniai Matmenys 45.3 x 35.3 x 15.9 cm
Svoris 14.6 kg