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Native Instruments Kontrol S61 MK3

849,00 €
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Introducing the Native Instruments Kontrol S61 Mk3, the newest edition to their next-generation S-Series Keyboards. The S61 is a 61-note smart MIDI keyboard controller with hammer-action semi-weighted keys and all-new expressive polyphonic after-touch. Browse intuitively and mix your music on the fly with the high-resolution full-colour display. Use the redesigned Light Guide to play in your music key with highlighted scales, or pinpoint specific sounds, key zones and switches.

New direct integration with Kontakt 7 and Komplete Kontrol makes this keyboard a must have for all kinds of musicians. Gain improved control of your music software with the S61 MkIII's powerful integration with all major DAWs. Kontrol S-Series keyboards are built to last with a premium, industrial metal and glass design, manufactured to the highest quality. Bring your virtual synths and libraries to life with maximum expression - choose the Native Instruments Kontrol S61 Mk3!


Virtual instruments are fully realised with S61 Mk3's new advanced NKS technology. As well as being able to find your sounds and instruments easily with the intuitive browser, you can fluidly adjust and play 1000s of Kontakt and third-party instruments thanks to intelligent auto-mapping. Control integration with all major DAWs further enhances the keyboards immersive experience, meaning you can play completely real-feeling sounds with no interruptions to your workflow.


Native Instruments introduces all-new polyphonic aftertouch to their S-Series Keyboard, developed in collaboration with Fatar to deliver the ultimate keyboard experience. Using the polyphonic aftertouch you can control parameters expressively by applying pressure to the 61 semi-weighted keys. Modulate cut-off, pitch, vibrato, and much more instinctively with this incredible new feature. There's no need for any extra controls!


When you do require extra controls for your keyboard performance, the S61 Mk3 has got your back. Take musical performance to the next level with a new expressive touch strip, pitch and modulation wheels and four pedal inputs.


The S61 Mk3 features a beautiful high-resolution full-colour display, perfect for manipulating and mixing instruments in Kontakt 7 and intuitively browsing sounds with Komplete Kontrol. Improving on the previous models two display design, the large 1280x480mm single glass display provides crystal clear visuals right at the centre of the keyboard, you won’t want to take your eyes of it!


The return of the built-in Light Guide redesigned for the S-Series Keyboards further enhances the immersive experience of the S61 Mk3. Positioned at the top of the keys, Light Guide identifies key switches, scales, sounds and drum cells at a glance so you can remain focused on your music, not the computer screen.


Native Instruments have reworked every aspect of the S-Series Keyboards design, manufactured to the highest level of quality. The keyboards top shell is beautifully accented by anodised aluminium knobs, and pitch and modulation wheels. With this sleek new design and improved control layout, the S61 Mk3 will be the perfect centre piece for any studio.

  • Immersive software integration
  • 61 semi-weighted keys
  • Expressive polyphonic aftertouch
  • High-resolution full-colour screen
  • Redesigned Light Guide
  • Beautiful, industrial design with metal and glass elements
  • Anodised aluminium knobs and pitch and modulation wheels
  • Integration with all major DAWs
  • USB MIDI, USB-C bus powered, sustain, expression, and two assignable pedal inputs
Kas yra pakuotėje?
  • Native Instruments Kontrol S61 MK3
  • Kontakt 7 
  • A free Kontakt instrument of your choice
  • Komplete 14 Select
  • Komplete Kontrol Software
  • Stradivari Cello
  • Guitar Rig LE
  • Elements Suite
  • Hypha
  • Ableton Live Lite
Programinė Įranga Komplete
Klavišai 61
Savybės MIDI I/O, Aftertouch
Išoriniai Matmenys 96.74 x 32.3 x 8.6 cm
Svoris 6 kg
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