Glorious Turntable Lowboard

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We are pleased to introduce the Glorious Turntable Lowboard – a high-quality piece of furniture with a dedicated surface for a turntable and plenty of space for your vinyl collection.

Ideal as a listening station, the open record crate invites you to dig through your collection and allows direct access. A closed-front compartment with push mechanism houses your amplifier, CDs or books.

The smart cavity on the rear panel is designed to route cables, making them disappear easily. The Turntable Lowboard comes in a timeless design made of wood with a white high-gloss finish while the solid white ash wooden support frame provides stability.

  • High-quality turntable lowboard in 60s retro design for your living room
  • Listening station: provides storage space for a turntable and plenty of space for records
  • Open record crate for digging through your collection and access to up to 130 12''-records
  • Front compartment with push mechanism for amplifiers, CDs or books