Behringer K-2 (B-Stock)

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Behringer’s K-2 is a reimagining of the classic Korg MS-20 semi modular analog synthesizer. A faithful recreation, the K-2 brings the vintage analog sound of the MS-20 in an affordable package.
The dual analog VCOs feature selectable oscillator shapes including triangle, saw, noise, ring mod, and pulse with adjustable pulse width. Other oscillator controls include pitch range, detune, portamento, frequency modulation, and a VCO mixer. The K-2 features a classic dual filter design with highpass and lowpass filter with adjustable cutoff and resonance controls. The K-2 filters are based on the MS-20 version 1 filter design and add complex harmonic distortion. The two filters have adjustable frequency cutoff modulation via the envelopes or modulation LFO with attenuators for amount of modulation. There are two envelopes: EG 1 is three stage while EG 2 is a five stage envelope generator. The LFO is an analog design with triangle and pulse waveforms with adjustable pulse width and skew control.

Although no patch cables are necessary for producing sound with the K-2, the patch bay allows for rewiring of internal routing. It features an external signal input with bandpass filter, frequency to voltage converter, envelope follower, and trigger with adjustable threshold level. It also features CV control over VCO 1+2, high pass and lowpass filter, and internal VCA. The modulation section is broken out allowing for use of both LFO waveforms, envelopes 1+2 with external trigger input, sample and hold, and noise (featuring both white and pink noise). A MIDI input is included, routed to the VCOs with pitch and gate output available on the patch bay. Up to sixteen K-2s can be chained together for up to 16-voice polyphony.The K-2 can also be removed from its case and mounted in a Eurorack system.
  • Dual Analog VCO with adjustable waveforms
  • Dual Rev1 analog filter with high pass and low pass filters
  • Analog LFO with pulse and triangle outputs
  • Dual envelope generator
  • Semi-modular, no need for patch cables for producing sounds
  • Patch bay for rewiring of internal signal routing
  • MIDI input for use with external controllers
  • Available for use in a Eurorack case
Tipas Analog
Polifonija Polyphonic
Savybės Oscillator
Išoriniai Matmenys 9.5 x 42.4 x 13.6 cm
Svoris 1.8 kg