Audio Pro A26 (White, Pair)

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The A26 will give you 40 years of experience in advanced sound engineering, all the sound that you need for both music streaming as well as TV sound – from the same speaker pair.

ARC Functionality
Make your TV the central hub with ARC functionality. Connect your speakers the TV via ARC and you can start controlling functions, settings and volume from your TV remote control. Easy control at your fingertips.

Midnight Mode
Night owls need not worry about waking the household with their late night movie marathons as the A26 incorporates midnight mode for low volume levels. Midnight mode lets you watch your content at much lower volumes so no one is disturbed. It ensures dialogue is clear even at these low volumes with voice clarity enhancement and brings loud sounds down a notch too with dynamic compression feature. This mode turns the subwoofer off and is available through ARC connection.

Enhance TV Sound
With the Audio Pro control app compatible with the A26 wireless multi-room speakers you can further enhance your TV sound. Add Virtual Surround Effect and fine-tune your speakers bass and treble via the app. For an even deeper bass you can add an external subwoofer for some room-filling power.

Multi-Room Streaming
Audio Pro A26 speakers offer you the beauty of wireless streaming from your personal devices via Bluetooth or WiFi. Music listening is made easy with the A26, and better still it can be easily integrated into a multi-room system. All your home entertainment needs are provided for with these versatile speakers. Whether it's late night TV watching, music streaming from your smartphone, stereo sound or multi-room playback, the A26 has you covered.

Atkuriami Dažniai 45 - 20 000 Hz
Įėjimai (Inputs) 4
Integruotas mikrofonas Ne
Išmatavimai 23.8 x 15 x 20 cm
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