Arturia MicroBrute Analoginis Sintezatorius

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Arturia MicroBrute manages to deliver so much raw monophonic synthesizer power from such a compact size, with so many useful features and connectivity, it’s hard not to feel like your eyes and ears are playing tricks on you!

But this is no trick, just the refinement of the award winning design of its big brother MiniBrute, shrunk down a little. Packed with mixable waveforms, old-school ADSR envelope generator, the famous Steiner-Parker filter, syncable LFO, a step sequencer, pitch/mod wheels, and modulation routings previously unheard of at this price point, MicroBrute punches well above its weight.

The hands-on tweaking heaven and sonic splendor which this clever little beast delivers via its 100% pure analogue signal path will ensure it finds a home with both synth veterans and newcomers to analogue synthesis alike.

  • 25 note mini key keyboard
  • Analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator with ‘Overtone’ sub oscillator
  • Steiner-Parker 2-pole multimode filter (Low/Band/High Pass)
  • Pulse Width Modulation, Ultrasaw and Metalizer signal enhancers
  • LFO with sine, sawtooth and square waveforms
  • External audio analogue input with pop-up trim pot
  • CV in jacks (pitch, filter, subharmonics, PWM, Metalizer, saw animator)
  • CV out jacks (pitch, envelope, LFO)
  • USB MIDI in/out, standard 5 pin MIDI in connector, MIDI sync
  • Full-functioned step sequencer, 8 memories, 64 steps per memory

Produkto instrukcija

Kas yra pakuotėje?
  • MicroBrute synthesizer
  • User manual with preset sheets
  • 12V DC Power supply
  • 2 mini-jack patch chords
Tipas Analog
Polifonija Monophonic
Savybės Sequencer, Arpeggiator, CV/gate, Oscillator
Išoriniai Matmenys 32.5 x 22.1 x 6 cm
Svoris 1.75 kg