Zoom H5 Diktofonas / Rekorderis

  • Zoom H5 Diktofonas / Rekorderis
  • Zoom H5 Diktofonas / Rekorderis
  • Zoom H5 Diktofonas / Rekorderis
  • Zoom H5 Diktofonas / Rekorderis
  • Zoom H5 Diktofonas / Rekorderis
  • Zoom H5 Diktofonas / Rekorderis

Zoom H5 Diktofonas / Rekorderis

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Zoom's H5 Handy Recorder gives you up to four tracks of portable and simultaneous recording in 24-bit/96kHz audio resolution. Since Zoom's products have been top-quality all along, it is natural to expect the same quality from the H5, and it definitely does not fail to deliver. Onboard the H5 you will find integrated limiting and compression and a switchable highpass filter. Also, if you are a musician, unquestionably, you will find the metronome and multimode tuner functions of great use, altogether with the pitch changing, speed varying and looping sections regarding the playback. The H5 is also a portable 4-in / 2-out audio interface that works brilliantly with your Mac or Windows PC. You can connect anything you want, from your home instruments to condenser mics meant for field recording. And to make the deal even better, you also get Wavelab LE and Cubase LE software in the package, all to make your recording experience as intuitive and fun as it can get. 


  • Easy recording level control 

  • Two integrated combo (XLR / 6.3mm) jacks

  • Headphone and line outputs

  • Integrated speaker

  • Pre-record function

  • Continuous 2 second buffer

  • Built-in limiter

  • Highpass filter 

  • Includes a metronome and a chromatic tuner

Kas yra pakuotėje?
XYH-5 mic capsule
Plastic case
2GB SD card
Foam windscreen
USB cable
Steinberg Wavelab LE and Cubase LE
2 x AA batteries
User manual
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Japonų kompanija Zoom - neprilygstama įrašymo prietaisų ir ritmo mašinų gamintoja, kuri pati gamina mikroschemas, naudojamas jų prietaisuose. Soundium šiuo metu orientuojasi į Zoom ilgaamžių ir itin kokybiškų rekorderių prekybą.

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