Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard Analoginis Sintezatorius (Juodas)

  • Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard Analoginis Sintezatorius (Juodas)
  • Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard Analoginis Sintezatorius (Juodas)
  • Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard Analoginis Sintezatorius (Juodas)

Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard Analoginis Sintezatorius (Juodas)

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The Blofeld Keyboard by Waldorf builds upon their award-winning, desktop synth module by adding 49 professional-quality, semi-weighted keys with velocity and after-touch, plus 60 MB of sample RAM. With that kind of onboard memory you can import your own selection of samples and manipulate them using the legendary, Blofeld 16-part multi-timbral virtual-analog synthesis engine.

It also has 25 voice polyphony, over 1000 factory patches and a programmable 16-step arpeggiator sure to excite and energize your audience. But things don't end there; the Blofeld keyboard also features an on-board effects section and the classic Microwave II/XT/XTk wavetables.

Add that to its all-metal black enclosure, stainless steel rotaries, pitchbend and modulation wheels, large graphic LED display and multiple oscillator and filter modulations and you've just scored yourself what is destined to become another Waldorf classic.

Genres by Rob Lee
Jorg Schaaf's Blofeld Xperience Volume 1
Analog vs. Digital by Ingo Weidner

Powerful Arpeggiator
Hold and one shot modes
Can be synced with MIDI Clock
Direction up, down, alternate
Range up to ten octaves
Various methods to modify note sort order

Programmable 16 Step Arpeggiator
Glide on/off
Previous note
Random not from note list
First and/or last note from note list

One effect slot per part
One effect slot globally for all parts
Triple FX (S&H, Ring Modulation, Chorus)
Delay (only available on global Effect slot)
Clocked Delay (only available on global Effect slot)
Reverb (only available on global Effect slot)
Poly, Mono, Dual or Unisono Mode with Selectable Voice Count

3 Oscillators Virtual Analog Models
Pulse with pulse width modulation and adjustable brilliance
Sawtooth with adjustable brilliance

Q Alt 1 and Alt 2 wavetable with adjustable brilliance
All wavetables from microwave II/XT/XTk series with adjustable brilliance
Separate wavetable selectable for oscillator 1 and 2

Frequency Modulation Between the Oscillators
Filter FM

Oscillator Synchronization
Resonance up to self-oscillation

Ring Modulator for Oscillator 1 and 2
Low pass 24 dB / 12 dB
Band pass 24 dB / 12 dB
High pass 24 dB / 12 dB

Noise Generator with Noise Color
Notch 24 dB / 12 dB

Two Independent Multi Mode Filters
Comb filter with positive/negative feedback
PPG low pass filter

Two Drive Stages Per Voice with Adjustable Drive Gain and Selectable Curves
Sine Shaper

Programmable Modulation Matrix with 16 Slots
Modulation speed far into audio range
Modulation sources include all internal modulation sources plus various MIDI messages
Modulation destinations for almost all continuous sound parameters

Various Pre-routed Modulation Destinations with Selectable Sources
Pitch Modulation
Oscillator 1 / 2 / 3 frequency modulation
Oscillator 1 / 2 / 3 pulse width modulation
Filter 1 / 2 cutoff modulation
Filter 1 / 2 frequency modulation
Pan 1 / 2 modulation
Amp modulation

Four Modifiers for Transforming Modulation Sources with Various Algorithms
Syncable to MIDI clock
Note Retrigger with adjustable start phase
Monophonic LFO

Four Fast Envelopes with Selectable Types
Single trigger / retrigger per envelope
ADS1DS2R (two decay/sustain stages plus adjustable attack level)
One shot
Loop S1S2 (loop between sustain 1 and 2)
Loop all (loop over all stages)
Audio semplai
Filters 2 x independent multi mode filters per voice
Keyboard 49 keys
Inputs 1 x sustain pedal, 1 x USB
Outputs 2 x TRS, 1 x headphone
Išmatavimai (cm) 10 x 27.5 x 74
Svoris (kg) 8
Tipas Skaitmeninis
Polifonija Polifoninis
Savybės Sequencer, Arpeggiator, Oscillator
Gamintojo puslapis
Apie gamintoją
WaldorfAutorizuotas dileris

Waldorf jau beveik 20 metų yra aukštos kokybės sintezatorių sinonimas, nes vokiška kokybė niekada neklysta. Rinkoje ši kompanija stovi tvirtai - Waldorf muzikinių instrumentų trokšta daugelis. Vienas iš garsiausių vokiškų vardų gamybos pasaulyje vysto išties didingas inovacijas.

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