• Pioneer HRM-6 Ausinės
  • Pioneer HRM-6 Ausinės
  • Pioneer HRM-6 Ausinės
  • Pioneer HRM-6 Ausinės
  • Pioneer HRM-6 Ausinės

Pioneer HRM-6 Ausinės

169,00 €

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The HRM-6 professional monitoring headphones from Pioneer is a result of careful, considerate and smart engineering. Made to serve you well in all stages of music production, these headphones produce a neutral sound and go further than majority of headphones out there in the market as they have 40mm HD drivers and a two-layered damping structure. What is all this for? Crystal clear and sharp sound frequencies of up to 40kHz with the minimum distortion at high volumes. Next, comfort will not be an issue in long production sessions as HRM-6 have soft memory foam pads, which will fit perfectly altogether with a freely adjustable headband. Last but not least, these professional headphones are foldable and easily fit into the compact carry case, so transport issues are out of the question. Finally, you will find 3 detachable cables in the box (1.2m coiled and straight and 3m straight), which will give you freedom to use your headphones in the most convenient way according to your circumstances. 


  • 40mm drivers

  • Foam earpads

  • 5Hz - 40kHz frequency range

  • Foldable design

  • Bass reflex chambers

  • Two layer damping

  • Three detachable cables included

Kas yra pakuotėje?
Carry case
1.2m detachable straight and coiled cables
3m detachable straight cable
User manual
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Pioneer DJ didžėjų pasaulyje įsitvirtino dėl DJM serijos mikšerių ir jau industrijos standartu tapusių CDJ serijos CD grotuvų. Per ilgus metus Pioneer ištobulino daugybę kitų didžėjams būtinų dalykų - ausines, monitorines kolonėles, kontrolerius. Ši kompanija visada garantuoja puikią kokybę, nes jos produktai - geriausi iš geriausių.

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