Pioneer DDJ-RZX DJ Kontroleris

  • Pioneer DDJ-RZX DJ Kontroleris
  • Pioneer DDJ-RZX DJ Kontroleris
  • Pioneer DDJ-RZX DJ Kontroleris
  • Pioneer DDJ-RZX DJ Kontroleris

Pioneer DDJ-RZX DJ Kontroleris

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The Pioneer DDJ-RZX Audio and Video DJ Controller offers new innovative, creative functions for video, while still maintaining the excellent DJ qualities that make Pioneer the industry leader. The RZX comes with over £300 worth of rekordbox software packages including; Rekordbox DJ, RekordBox DVS and the Rekordbox Video software needed to marriage perfectly with your new controller. This is the controller of the future.

The Pioneer DDJ-RZX is the new flagship digital DJ controller, which is specially designed to work in harmony with rekordbox DJ's new video Plus Pack. Building on the legacy of the DVJ-1000 and SVM-1000, this new innovative controller gives the artists and mobile DJs of today a new visual and creative approach to their performances.

The DDJ-RZX has enhanced viewing capabilities of track information and utilised pad effects, thanks to the three 7'' high-quality touch screens, which also allows for complete control of your rekordbox DJ and video Plus Pack features.
Pioneer's RZX inherits many popular features from the professional club standard CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 including, the studio quality Sound Colour FX, large hyper-sensitive jog wheels and eye-catching performance pads. All components and the outer chassis are built to the highest standard that you would expect from the brand. The two XLR combination input jacks guarantee distortion-free microphone output. The multi-band Mic EQ and Microphone FXs allow you to tune each voice. Also included is the diverse FX unit which comes with Sampler Repeat, Combo, and Release FX.

DDJ-RZX Feature Highlights

Integrate video with audio and have total control thanks to the rekordbox DJ video Plus Pack. This comes as standard with your controller, along with rekordbox DJ and rekordbox DVS. The ability to add FX and mix videos together will feel familiar to DJs, thus being a new creative extension to your performances with effortless integration. Choose from a range of 20 in-built transition FX that, when used with the crossfader, create eye-catching and exciting video mixes. Use the touch screens to trigger Release, Beat and Touch FX. Track X and Y axis in real-time to add individual FX and adjust parameters according to your preference. Create still image slideshows, whether in advance or on the fly, for highly personalised DJ performances, perfect for mobile DJs to fit performances around their clients. Connect a camera to your computer and view the live feed from your controller too, allowing you to monitor crowds to adjust performances accordingly.

On top of new video capabilities, the RZX comes with features that will be recognisable to longstanding Pioneer customers and made to even higher standards. With a layout modelled on the CDJ and DJM setup, this controller will make experienced users instantly feel at home. As well as having 4 channels available to you, the separate sampler area allows for diverse control over Quantize, Trim and Beat Sync parameters. The D/A converter is manufactured by leading electronics company Asahi Kasai and allows for sample rate and bit depth capabilities of 96kHz/32-bit. This ensures crystal clear sonic accuracy. The three 7'' touch screens allow for extra large waveform views for precise beat matching and cueing, and in-depth track information such as the key, title and BPM. The two XLR combo input jacks for Mics are clean and precise and can be controlled with the 3-band Mic EQ. The magic happens with the Mic FX - Reverb, Echo, Pitch and V-Tune, to add creative textures and tune your voice.

The Extensive FX unit can add a whole host of FX to your audio tracks; these include Sweep, Filter, Crush, Dub Echo, Noise and Space, and control these intricately with the sub-parameter control. Transition from complex effects creatively by selecting Echo, Back Spin or Vinyl Brake. You can combine Sound Colour and Beat FX at the same time using the touch screens.

Other features include Active Censor to disguise explicit language in tracks, three licence keys for rekordbox DJ, DVS and Video, a crossfader for even more longevity, oscillator sampler with four inbuilt sounds and P-Lock fader caps.
Svoris (kg) 15.9
Išmatavimai (cm) 94.5 x 11.97 x 54.7
Sisteminiai Reikalavimai (PC) Windows 10, 8.1, 7 (The latest service pack)
Sisteminiai Reikalavimai (Mac) Mac OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9 (Updated to the latest version)
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Pioneer DJ didžėjų pasaulyje įsitvirtino dėl DJM serijos mikšerių ir jau industrijos standartu tapusių CDJ serijos CD grotuvų. Per ilgus metus Pioneer ištobulino daugybę kitų didžėjams būtinų dalykų - ausines, monitorines kolonėles, kontrolerius. Ši kompanija visada garantuoja puikią kokybę, nes jos produktai - geriausi iš geriausių.

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