• Pioneer DDJ-RR DJ Kontroleris
  • Pioneer DDJ-RR DJ Kontroleris
  • Pioneer DDJ-RR DJ Kontroleris
  • Pioneer DDJ-RR DJ Kontroleris

Pioneer DDJ-RR DJ Kontroleris

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Looking for a smooth and professional Rekordbox DJ controller? Look no further than Pioneer DDJ-RR DJ, as this latest addition to the Pioneer DDJ-R family is simply a beast. The DDJ-RR features a convenient play and cue configuration as well as large jog wheels. Needle search for quick jumps within a track and a sequencer both promise creative freedom you always wanted. Besides all that, you can customise the performance pads to do whichever of the following functions: sequence call, hot cues, pad FX, beat jump and slicer. Add the slip mode and release FX altogether with the in-built soundcard that lets you record your set via the same USB cable. If you are still not convinced, DDJ-RR allows master out audio playback through your computer speakers whilst still enabling you to take care of the cue through your headphones. The controller can be powered by USB or mains and also has a microphone input as well as dual headphone outs. And on top of all that, you get Rekordbox DJ software right out of the box. Feeling tempted?


  • Rekordbox DJ compatible

  • Customisable performance pads

  • Needle search pad

  • Release FX

  • Aluminium face plate

  • Large jog wheels

  • Multiple inputs and outputs (including two headphone outs)

  • High quality audio

Kas yra pakuotėje?
Rekordbox DJ software
USB cable
User manual
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