Motu Track16 USB / FireWire Garso Korta

  • Motu Track16 USB / FireWire Garso Korta
  • Motu Track16 USB / FireWire Garso Korta
  • Motu Track16 USB / FireWire Garso Korta
  • Motu Track16 USB / FireWire Garso Korta
  • Motu Track16 USB / FireWire Garso Korta

Motu Track16 USB / FireWire Garso Korta

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The MOTU Track16 Desktop Studio FireWire/USB 2.0 Interface is a versatile and compact unit that offers a wide range of inputs and outputs, as well as effects, mixing, and monitoring. It's equipped with eight channels of analog ins and outs including mic, line, and high-impedance instrument inputs. The analog connectors come on a 44-inch breakout cable, which gives you flexibility for setup and connections (an optional breakout box is also available). For digital I/O, the unit's optical ports support either eight channels of ADAT, four channels of SMUX optical, or two channels of optical S/PDIF on TOSlink connectors. MIDI in and Out jacks are also included.

Housed in an aluminum-alloy chassis, Track16 supports professional-quality 24-bit recording at sampling rates up to 192 kHz, and has a user interface that was designed to be simple and intuitive. The large knob in the center of the unit can be set to control levels for any of the inputs or outputs with just a single tap on one of the front panel buttons. User-assignable LED meters make it possible to see levels from any of the units inputs or outputs.

Track16 gives you the choice of either USB 2.0 or FireWire connection. If you choose the latter, the unit can be powered via the FireWire bus. Track16 is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows 7/Vista, as well as any audio software that supports WDM, ASIO, and Core Audio.

The included MOTU CueMix FX software gives you low-latency hardware monitoring, and lets you create up to eight separate monitor mixes. You get reverb, modeled analog EQ, and modeled vintage compression, all of which can be used strictly for the monitor mix or printed into your host software. Talkback and Listenback features make it easy to communicate from the control room to musicians in the live room. CueMix FX also offers comprehensive metering for all the inputs and outputs.
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Breakout Cable
AC Power Adapter
Printed "Flipbook" Manual
Installer CD Containing:
CueMix FX Software (Mac/Win)
MOTU SMPTE Console Software (Mac/Win)
AudioDesk Recording Software (Mac)
Software Drivers (Mac/Win)
Registration Card
Rubber Feet for Unit
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Amerikiečių kompanija MOTU vysto ir gamina techninę bei programinę įrangą kompiuterinės muzikos ir video produkcijai. Sound On Sound specialaus leidimo žurnale "25 Milestone Products That Changed Recording History" MOTU inovacijos neliko nepastebėtos - jų pirmoji pasaulyje firewire garso korta MOTU 828 buvo įtraukta į sąrašą, nes su ja prasidėjo nauja kompiuterinių įrašų era. MOTU garso kortos tiks tiek mažoms studijoms, tiek grandioziškoms komercinėms instaliacijoms.

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