• Korg Volca Sample Sampleris
  • Korg Volca Sample Sampleris

Korg Volca Sample Sampleris

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Korg's Volca Sample is fun and freedom of a traditional sample sequencer and purely modern format of music making in one. Taking your groove production out of your computer screen into the analog world, Volca Sample lets you take your hands on (literally) your samples in a whole new, and yet familiar, way. 100 amazing samples are already in the module, however, all the fun blossoms when you use your own, which you can sequence, tweak and transform into completely new sonar vibes however you want. Also, add the reverse, swing and reverb effects, and when you combine Volca Sample with the rest of Volca or Electribe series through Sync I/O, be sure to expect some quality grooves. One of the main features of the module is that it is battery powered. You can, of course, power it through a power adapter (which is sold separately), but portability, altogether with an integrated speaker, means that you will be able to sample anywhere, anytime.

Audio semplai

  • Easily portable and powerful sample sequencer module

  • Easily accessible controls

  • Intuitive motion and step-sequencers

  • Swing function

  • Integrated Analog Isolator and reverb effect

  • Sync I/O and MIDI In provide easy integration with other Korg modules and popular production software

  • Integrated speaker

  • Operates on AA battery power (6) or power adapter energy (sold separately)

Kas yra pakuotėje?
Synchronisation cable
6 x AA batteries
User manual
Power Batteries
Bit Dažnis (bit) 16
Sample Dažnis (kHz) 31.25
Inputs Headphones (3.5mm stereo mini jack)
Svoris (kg) 0.37
Išmatavimai (cm) 19.3 x 11.5 x 4.5
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Korg užsidirbo puikią reputaciją gamindami puikios kokybės inovatyvius sintezatorius, MIDI prietaisus ir efektų procesorius. Šios firmos gaminiai scenose matomi nuo pat 1970-ųjų, ir su daugiau nei 50 metų patirtimi, produktų pasirinkimas bei kokybė tik auga.

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