• Korg Volca Keys Analoginis Sintezatorius
  • Korg Volca Keys Analoginis Sintezatorius
  • Korg Volca Keys Analoginis Sintezatorius

Korg Volca Keys Analoginis Sintezatorius

169,00 €

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If you are a fan of analog synths or are just starting out, Korg's Volca Keys packs an interface that you will find astonishingly flexible, all in an extremely affordable and portable box. To make sure the pitch as stable as possible, the 3-note synth has self-tuning analog oscillators and lets you combine those three voices into unison sounds or chords. Also, there is an integrated filter as well as a delay effect and an arpeggiator, and with all of those combine, only the sky is the limit, sound-wise. And no worries if you forget the patterns, since Volca Keys can save up to eight of them for you. Loop and Motion sequencers make your ideas easy to shape on the spot, and with its compact size and battery power, you can play anywhere, anytime. Volca Keys also integrates to your rig very well: MIDI I/O for control via MIDI sequencer, and Sync I/O so you can play in time with other Volcas or Korg's Monotribe and Monotron synths.


  • Ultra-portable analog synth with 3-voice design

  • Different voice stacking modes: chords or unison

  • Save your patterns

  • Record your own loops and phrases

  • Onboard Motion and Loop sequencers

  • Sync I/O plays in time with Monotribe or other Volca machines

  • Sync to MIDI clock (DAW or another sequencer)

  • Operates on 6 AA batteries or power adapter (sold separately)

Kas yra pakuotėje?
6 x AA batteries
User manual
Power 6 AA batteries or optional KA-350 AC adapter
Filters Low Pass Filter, 12 dB/oct
Effects Delay: Time, Feedback, Temp Sync
Sequencing 1 part, 16 steps, 8 patterns
Keyboard Multi-touch
Outputs 3.5mm stereo minijack
Išmatavimai (cm) 19.3 x 11.5 x 4.6
Svoris (kg) 0.37
Tipas Analoginis
Polifonija Polifoninis
Savybės Sequencer, Oscillator
Gamintojo puslapis
Apie gamintoją
KorgAutorizuotas dileris

Korg užsidirbo puikią reputaciją gamindami puikios kokybės inovatyvius sintezatorius, MIDI prietaisus ir efektų procesorius. Šios firmos gaminiai scenose matomi nuo pat 1970-ųjų, ir su daugiau nei 50 metų patirtimi, produktų pasirinkimas bei kokybė tik auga.

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