About Event

Soundium: Enabled fuse theory, practice and experiences in the field of music technology. Main goal of the event is to demonstrate and educate. The largest event of this type in the Baltics hosts DJ/studio gear testings, lectures, discussions, workshops and performances all under one roof.

However, we think the most important part of Soundium: Enabled is its participant (YOU), coming with his/her own approach to the creative process – so the door is open to anyone, and networking is strongly encouraged. See you on October 12th.

2019 10 12 11:00 — 18:00 Kablys Club


Demo Space

11:00 → 18:00
Demo space is a designated getting-your-hands-on-gear area. You will find various equipment here, part of which will be hot & new: starting from DJ turntables, ending with modular synths, drum machines and DAW controllers. Some brand representatives will also be around, so do not hesitate to get tips straight from these professionals.

Pioneer DJ Space

11:00 → 18:00
This is where you stop by if you wish to become a DJ. Or if you already are a DJ, but look to upgrade your setup.

Two local best ones, DJ Swix and DJ Mamania, are going to hang around offering scratch lessons and performing routines, but feel free to test Pioneer DJ gear on your own too.

Bastl Instruments Workshop

12:00 → 18:00
Bastl are known not only for their Eurorack modules, but for their geeky instruments as well. They call themselves a community driven company, and what’s a better way to experience that than to gather around a table and solder some stuff?

Registration for this workshop will be announced later in September. Seats are limited, and participants will be charged for the kits (which you will solder into an instrument you will take home!).

Registration soon

Blokas Workshop

12:00 → 18:00
Blokas come from just around the block, but these Lithuanians already have some DIY electronics projects on their portfolio. Blokas will share their knowledge by organising a workshop - the registration will be announced later in September.

Registration soon

Hardware Camp

12:00 → 15:00
This new space is dedicated to gear porn. If you are a collector, geek, hardware lover or a wiggler, we want to invite you to show-off your vintage/unique/weird equipment and meet like-minded individuals.

You are welcome to join us by filling out the registration form below. Once you fill out the form, we will contact you for further arrangements and assistance.


Renegades of Bump Incubator

10:00 → 12:00
Time for renegades to unite. We invite all music/beat makers to participate in the ROB competition by creating a track with the provided sample pack (incubator-sample-pack1.zip). 8 best participants will be selected on September 30th and invited to ROB Incubator which will take place during Soundium: Enabled. You will have 2 hours to create a new track with a new sample pack. As a motivation, we have Ableton Push 2 with Live 10 Suite, Arturia Keylab Essential 49 with additional software, and 100€ Soundium voucher to give away.


Lecture Space

11:00 → 18:00
At times you can feel like you need a little push or motivation to keep moving forward with your music. The solution: Enabled lecture space. We have an inspiring line-up: some great creators and brand ambassadors will share their thoughts on what’s hot on the market and what’s cooking in their studios. Do not miss the local jams towards the end as well – there will be two rare, state-of-the-art performances.

Steinberg: Dmitry Odinoky

11:00 → 11:45

Ableton Live: Wavetable sound design

11:55 → 12:40
Certified Ableton trainer Mateusz Telega will introduce the Wavetable synth and its possibilities. He said it is his favourite, on-the-desert-island synth - which is kind of intriguing because who needs a synth on a desert island anyway? Well, after the lecture, we all will.

Gamechanger Audio

12:50 → 13:35
Our neighbouring innovators from Latvia have some serious fetish for pedals and Tesla coils. They are also behind the Motor Synth - world’s first electro-mechanical synth, so do not skip this one, if you want to see and hear it live.

Bastl Instruments

13:45 → 14:30
Bastl not only will lead a workshop, but also represent their brand in the lecture space - to see how Czechs jams, make sure to take a seat.

Interview with Kim Bjørn

14:40 → 15:25
Kim Bjørn is a well known figure among those who not only use electronic music instruments, but also like to read and know more about them. With his third gear-related book successfuly funded via Kickstarter, Kim will share his thoughts about the connection between us and machines.

Renegades of Bump Awards

15:35 → 15:45

Local Discussion

LT! Autentiškumo paieškos technologinio (pro)gresso, globalizacijos ir suvienodėjimo akivaizdoje.

15:50 → 16:50
Moderuoja: Vaiper Vitalijus Despotin
Dalyvauja: Free Finga, Rugilė Deksnytė (Reyna Deyna), Vladas Dieninis + TBC

Local performance: BLEACH CULT

17:00 → 17:30
BLEACH CULT - the most recent project of Vytis Puronas, who is a sound designer and a member of lo-fi synthpop band Soy Farm. Modular synthesizer and microphone. Crooked, hypnotising raw analogue basslines and murky vocal wandering in space. Slow rock’n’roll. Gentle punk rock. No drums and guitars.

Local performance: Girnų Giesmės

17:40 → 18:10
The project is at the roots of the Lithuanian post-industrial scene. From the very beginning the project has been influenced by the Baltic worldview and it still conveys it uniquely - drone, ambient, industrial electronics are intertwined in the enveloping sound spaces. The live performances of the project are elemental, primordial and non-repetitive. At Soundium: Enabled, Girnų Giesmės will feature hand-made electro-acoustic string instruments combined with modular sound processing system.

About Venue

Soundium: Enabled takes place in a well known Kablys Club, which is one the most important electronic music venues not only in Vilnius, but in Lithuania as well. Many great artists appear at Kablys Club all the time, and the club is known for its open-minded, genre-friendly concept.

Kablys Club → Kauno g. 2, Vilnius, LT

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the place and time of the event?

Soundium: Enabled will take place on October 12th (Saturday) in Kablys Club, Vilnius. The event will start at 11:00 and end at 18:00.

Do I have to buy a ticket to enter Soundium: Enabled?

No - this event is absolutely free.

What language will the presentations be given in?

The presentations will all be in English, except for discussion moderated by Vaiper which will be in Lithuanian.

How can I try out the equipment in demo hall?

We ask all visitors to come with their own headphones and it would also be useful to bring an adapter (3.5 mm to 6.3 mm). We cannot guarantee we will be able to supply enough headphones for everyone. Some of the gear will be connected to monitors, but not every device.

I want to participate in the Hardware Camp with my gear – how?

First of all, let us say that we would be more than happy for you to join us. The Hardware Camp is planned for 3 hours, 12:00-15:00. Please fill out the registration form, so we can have some more information about you. We will contact you shortly after.

I want to participate in a workshop – how?

We will have two workshops: Blokas and Bastl. You must register in advance to secure your seat at a workshop - we will open registrations in September. It is not possible to attend two workshops as they will be happening around the same time. No prior experience is needed to participate in a workshop.

I want to participate in the Renegades of Bump Incubator – how?

Download the sample pack which you will find here. You must use provided samples – as many as you like, and you can also include your own, of course. Send direct links with your track (Dropbox, WeTransfer, Soundcloud, etc.) to [email protected] (subject: Incubator 2019). Deadline for tracks is 2019.09.30, 20:00.

8 best participants will be selected and contacted personally on 2019.09.30-10.01. They will have to come to Soundium: Enabled on 2019.10.12, Incubator starts at 10:00. They will be given a new sample pack and will have 2 hours to complete a track. 3 winners will be selected during the event and announced at 15:35.

Do you need any volunteers?

Please email us at [email protected], so we can discuss this.

I come from a different city/abroad, where can I stay?

We recommend to stay at 5B Hostel which is upstairs of Kablys Club. Another option we recommend very close to the venue would be Comfort Hotel.