Apogee Duet 2 USB Garso Korta iPad & Mac Įrangai

  • Apogee Duet 2 USB Garso Korta iPad & Mac Įrangai
  • Apogee Duet 2 USB Garso Korta iPad & Mac Įrangai
  • Apogee Duet 2 USB Garso Korta iPad & Mac Įrangai

Apogee Duet 2 USB Garso Korta iPad & Mac Įrangai

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The Duet USB Audio Interface for iPad & Mac from Apogee is a portable audio interface that builds on the success of the Duet 2 by adding compatibility with iOS in addition to Mac. It provides a direct digital 30-pin connection that allows for DC charging of the Apple device.

This interface is more than capable of making studio quality recordings of vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, and anything musical. Because of its portability, you are ready to create at any time. And while the high-gain microphone preamps capture performances with clarity, the outputs are also capable of presenting incredibly detailed and dimensional sound.

The dual microphone preamps feature enhanced components and seamless, click-free transitions throughout the 75dB of gain. The preamps are optimized for any sound source, so no matter what's being recorded, it get's captured in every detail. The AD/DA converters are also an all-new design, delivering the purest recordings and best listening experience possible.

A full color, high-resolution OLED display is the main control center for the Duet, providing visual feedback for multiple functions including metering, numeric value for input and output levels, input grouping, phase, muting, phantom power and Soft Limit indication. The display provides immediate status of the inputs and outputs without having to refer to Maestro or the host recording software.

Stereo headphones or left and right mono speaker outs can be assigned in pairs to output 1-2 or 3-4 or the low latency mixer, and each can be placed in stereo, mono, muted or dimmed modes. It is possible for a DJ to monitor a separate mix in headphones while sending a house mix to the club, a live performer to send a click track to in-ear monitors while sending a backing track to front-of-house, and a recording engineer to send a headphone mix to the performer while dedicating the main outputs to studio monitors.

  • Direct digital connection to iPad 1st, 2nd, 3rd Gen; iPod touch 4th generation or iPhone 4/4S; works with iPhone 5, iPad 4th Gen, iPad mini (Lightning adapter sold separately)
  • DC power charges your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone when it's connected
  • USB 2.0 audio interface with completely redesigned microphone preamps and converters
  • Two microphone preamps deliver up to 75dB of gain
  • Two combo Line/Microphone/Instrument analog inputs
  • Two balanced line outputs with +20dBu maximum output level
  • Independent 1/4" stereo headphone output
  • Single USB MIDI connection for CoreMIDI compatible keyboards, synths or DJ controllers
  • 24-bit/192kHz analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion
  • Selectable 48v phantom power, Soft Limit and phase invert
  • Maestro 2 software for Mac; free downloadable Maestro app for iOS
  • Top panel, high-resolution OLED display
  • Multi-function controller knob
  • An optional aluminum breakout box with studio quality I/O connectors is available separately

Two Assignable Top Panel Touch Pads:

  • Mute speakers, headphones or all outputs
  • Assign headphones to outputs 1-2, 3-4 or low latency mixer
  • Dim speakers, headphones or all outputs
  • Sum to mono speakers, headphones or all outputs
Kas yra pakuotėje?
Breakout Cable
USB Cable
Lightning iOS cable
30-pin iOS cable
Universal Power Adapter for US, UK and EU
Quick Start Guide
Power USB bus-powered
Bit Dažnis (bit) 24bit
Sample Dažnis (kHz) 44.1-192
Inputs 2 x analog inputs: 1 x combination line (balanced +20dBu max) & 1 x mic/Instrument (+14dBu max)
Outputs 4 x analog outputs: balanced line outputs, 1 x independent 1/4" stereo headphone output
Svoris (kg) 0.49
Išmatavimai (cm) 4.05 x 6.37 x 0.97
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Apogee Electronics jau nuo 1985 metų garsėja kaip puikios garso įrašymo įrangos gamintojas. Atlikėjas laimėjo Grammy? Tada įrašų studijoje neabejotinai stovėjo Apogee produkcija. Jau ilgiau nei 25 metus kompanija siūlo audio sprendimus atlikėjams, prodiuseriams ir garso inžinieriams. Paslaptis paprasta: kiekvienas produktas gaminamas stengiantis pasiekti geriausią analoginių ir skaitmeninių technologijų integracijos lygį.

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