AKG K240 MKII Ausinės

  • AKG K240 MKII Ausinės
  • AKG K240 MKII Ausinės
  • AKG K240 MKII Ausinės
  • AKG K240 MKII Ausinės
  • AKG K240 MKII Ausinės
  • AKG K240 MKII Ausinės
  • AKG K240 MKII Ausinės

AKG K240 MKII Ausinės

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Semi-open headphone for studio monitoring. Improved AKG vari-motion transducers for the utmost in sonic accuracy and wide bandwidth. Detachable input cable with locking mini-XLR connector makes transportation and servicing easy.

Ear-pads can be removed easily for cleaning, and it comes with both leatherette and velour ear-pads for customized comfort. 55 ohms impedance and high sensitivity for compatibility with any output device. Includes gold-plated, screw-on mini 1/4" adapter, velour and leatherette ear-pads and 10' straight and 16.5' coiled cables.

Around ear, semi open back design
2 comfortable earpad variants (leatherette & velour)
2 detachable input cable variants (coilled and straight)
Self adjusting headband for maximum comfort during extended listening periods
Rugged, loud, also ideal for single ear use
Single sided 99.99% OFC cable for optimum audio quality & exceptional ease of use
Approved by professional users for studio monitoring, project studios and home recording
Atkuriami Dažniai (Hz) 15 - 25000
Varža (Ω) 55
Jautrumas (dB/mW) 104
Didžiausios Galios Įėjimas (mW) 200
Svoris (g) 240
Gamintojo puslapis
Apie gamintoją
AKGAutorizuotas dileris

With more than 1400 international patents, the AKG brand has been delivering the powerful, undistorted sound that music professionals have relied on for more than 60 years, consistently producing some of the truest and most natural-sounding headphones in the history of audio.

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